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  At this point in time, the Foundation is funding the building   of new schools in Begoro and Vume .

  Begoro                                                                                                                                                   Vume

  In the latter village, a replanting project is also underway.

ACE Invests in Eco-Friendly Data Structures donates trees.
As every year ACE has sent New Year cards to all its contacts.
This year (2008) ACE decided to plant trees for each of ACE's contacts.
Fruit trees will be donated and planted in the Volta district in the south of Ghana, one tree for each of ACE's contacts.
Half a dozen farmers will plant these trees on three acres of land and the resulting harvest will be sold.
Part of the proceeds will be for the farmer and the rest will be donated to a nearby school

In addition, since Vume does not have a ready supply of safe drinking-water, the Afrikaad Foundation intends to commission the drilling of at least three wells in the district.

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